Artist's Statement

I paint the way I do because it gives me great joy. I revel in breaking the rules of conventional composition, giving negative space a place of importance, and hanging abstract art elements on, often incongruous, subjects. I love the development of visual chaos running rampant on the canvas. I love even more the exhaustive task of bringing all the painting’s components under control for a satisfactory result – the only thing that counts in art. There is no other way for me to paint.


Each painting presents its own unique challenges. Most often I forge ahead with only a flash of an idea or a snippet from life and slowly build the painting by working over the whole surface of the canvas. I continually add subjects, lines, shapes and color unconcerned with illusory representation.


Sometimes a fortuitous narrative creeps into play. Sometimes the only evident story is the process itself. Through it all, I have obtained newfound freedoms and a heightened confidence to follow my creative instincts. My goal is to entice the viewer to take a second look, to find something interesting and unexpected, maybe a shred of meaning.


I have many art heroes. Those most influential to my current efforts are Picasso, Matisse, de Kooning, Hofmann, Kandinsky and the contemporary Spanish artist, Jose Merello. I think there is room to develop some creative real estate upon their shoulders.